About us

UAB Primigena is a resource to develop an idea to a final product in the market.

We create new concepts which we finance, construct, produce and distribute.
It can be we only finance and distribute if it is a ready concept and product.
As the product is being established, it will merge to a new independent company.

Primigena´s recent acquisition, the Octagon Parasol System, www.octagoncons.com
is a product with a unique single column construction holding up to four parasols.

Octagon Parasol System has been developed for the hamburger restaurants in Sweden,
which now are asking for a new generation of Octagons with automatic closing device in order to
avoid the frequent damages caused by the ever unexpected strong winds.

It is a general opinion that the Octagons gives better visibility and comfort for the guests
and consequently increases the sales. The Octagons are easy for the staff to handle and they
last for at least 10 years or even more with the stainless steel construction.

Primigena Projects are new concepts which we are in the process to develop.
Essential to the success of such projects are the following.

-Cooperation with university level research and local government.
-Confidence from investors abroad with capital and production know how.
-Capital funding from local investors and banks.
-Creative logistic, location and energy supply solutions.
-Capacity to solve upcoming obstacles with a professional management.
-Commodity either replacing imports, being exported or in the best case both.

Our motto is, what we do we do well, what we did is lasting.