Octagon Parasols

We design, produce and market a stainless steel parasol construction for heavy duty service at the patios outside restaurants. Octagon Parasol System increases the visibility of the restaurant and provides a convenient ambiance for the guests. This all together brings an increase of the restaurants sales.


Our sewing and printing services can produce the fabrics with the desired colors and advertisement. At the end of the season we bring in the fabrics, wash and go through them so they are in good order for the next season. We also collect most of the constructions to our workshop for maintenance and warehousing over the winter.


The unique construction based on a one column system, which is fixed with four bolts to a submerge fundament, carries one to four arms each holding a screen covered with a fabric. So one unit can carry 1, 2, 3 or 4 parasols as described in the drawing.


The expected lifetime for a stainless steel construction unit is over ten seasons and the fabrics normally lasts three to five years depending on how much they are exposed to wind and sun.

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